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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Most of these changes would be unbalancing. It would make diving next to impossible for noisy classes, and would thus favor the High-elf/Kobold Rogue even more.
Not if sleep/confuse/slow monster were made to work. There are two ways of interpreting the state of affairs:

1. Nothing is broken: TelOther is godly and should be. Sleep/confuse/slow are useless except as sources of cash, and that's okay.

2. Everything's broken: TelOther's too powerful and is simply compensation for the fact that sleep/confuse/slow don't work on anything.

If we fix (2) so that each works reliably on monsters, but each has a unique drawback, then instead of relying on one single godly and boring solution, we suddenly have a full set of resources for dealing with vaults, diving and escapes. The game's overall difficulty need not change at all. I really don't see what can possibly be controversial about this.

Increasing the fail rate for/save rate against TelOther in order to group it with sleep/confuse/slow has to be the worst possible thing you can do to anything in the game. These measures have the power to make just about anything useless. And we don't need MORE devices when the ones we already have aren't doing their job.
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