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Originally Posted by Garrie View Post
We haven't all won you know! If you think it's too powerful mod your game.
I've never won. Never even come close to winning.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.


But that's irrelevant.

But this isn't. I don't object to TO in and of itself, but it's far to common, cheap, and effective as a vault clearing tool.

It's an item that can be bought cheaply or found in the DL30's and it can effectively banish any monster in the game. Oh, and not just one, but you can effectively nullify MANY uniques in only a single turn. And if they should return, you can just hit them with it again. The ONLY downside is that you can't collect any XP (but you can pick up all the juicy artifacts just lying around unprotected), but if you could kill them effectively you probably wouldn't be TO'ing them in the first place. Morgoth himself is powerless to resist it.

If it's going to stay the way it is, it should rank up there with 'deep artifacts' it terms of price and rarity. After all, it does things that other artifacts could only dreams of... like produce more and better artifacts.
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