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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Your statement about banishing every monster in a vault is probably false. Trying to clear a vault, even with teleport other, is a risky proposition. When you decide to do it, you are making a bet that you won't get killed in order to get loot. It's just like any other part of the game -- tradeoff vs risk. All it takes is a single AMHD or Greater Balrog or Azriel to wake up and get the first move, and you are dead instantly.

Most notorious--to me--is the "Reward is Worth It" vault. Lots of good stuff, but incredibly dangerous to try to fetch it.
Point taken.

I'm probably not the most qualified to speak on this, as my portfolio lacks any really deep dungeon experience. However, when I get into a tough spot or see something that I just have to have, it's the first thing I reach for because it's almost fail-safe, even against an enemy or enemies that I have no hope of beating in a fight. I just kinda assumed that the deeper you get, the nastier the monsters, the better the treasures, and the same relative risk, meaning that as long as you get the first move, or can survive one attack, pending successful activation, you're golden. Sure there's a risk, but if the 'big risk' you're taking is betting that your sleeping enemy doesn't wake and moves first, then, it seems to me, not that great of a risk considering the likely reward. Furthermore, should one even be contemplating a taking on a monster that can kill you in a single turn. Of course not, unless of course, you have nearly infallible way of dealing him. More often than not, I think TO is the preferred way to 'minimize the risk' because it works so well. Too well IMO.

My apologies if my remarks are a little off the factual base. That's simply my lack of experience showing.
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