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@Derakon: The problem here, and I think one of the problems the initial calculation was trying to solve, is that the most dangerous monsters are precisely those that come earlier than expected. So a dracolisk is a lot more dangerous than a great wyrm of balance (prior to conical breaths) simply because it's the first monster that can breath nether for gobs of damage.

Conical breaths obviously change things specifically here, but the general idea is the same. The most dangerous monster is the one that's "out of depth" whether by design or by a roll of the die in dungeon generation.

@Estie: One of the main reasons for tying certain abilities to certain skill slots was the proliferation of +blows or +shots on armor. It's possible just not allowing those abilities on anything but weapons and launchers is good enough for now.

Still though, the comparison is against the non-artifact items that are available. A +5 speed boost on boots just isn't worth nearly as much as a +5 boost on armor because you can find +10 speed on boots with non-artifact gear. You really do need to account for that.
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