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Originally Posted by CliffStamp View Post
There is no ISO standard for these terms, you can define it as you want. If you don't like grinding, no problem I define beetlejuicing as a problem in Angband as the issue noted where you have to gets items/exp simply in order to advance.
That's not a problem; that's the game. Angband's about numbers going up, when you get right down to it -- and you have two sets of numbers to work with, character-based and item-based. Once your stats and level are maxed all that's left is equipment, so complaining about having to get items is missing the point.

I then basically suicided at dl 99 as it was pointless to beetlejuice for healing and with no means to genocide and moderate HP there was little chance to actually pass the questor. Of course if I started item beetlejuicing then the game would be trivial. My main contention is that I easily had enough money to buy healing, monster control, but no way to actually get it without just resting for store resets, and that again is just a silly thing to do in a RPG, it isn't like it is difficult/challenging.
The issue here isn't that you didn't have what you needed to take on Sauron/Morgoth. It's that you weren't enjoying the challenges of the ordinary dungeon that would normally be there to prepare you for those fights.

If we just took you at your word that the equipment/consumables needed for the final fights weren't available, then we'd end up making those items even more common, which is exactly the wrong thing to do! The simple fact is that you shouldn't have been able to survive at the depth you were at -- or at the very least, you shouldn't have been able to trivially survive.

It sounds like you're advocating that the town should be guaranteed to build up a stock of late-game consumables so you can buy them and thus be able to progress. I have two main concerns with that idea:

1) It breaks the illusion that the town is providing goods and services for anyone besides the player (which the normal store refresh does) -- why didn't these other people buy the high-level consumables instead?

2) It creates guarantees in a game that should not have them. The entire point of procedural content generation is to present the player with different challenges in different games, and making guarantees in the town to smooth over any potential humps obviates that.

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