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Originally Posted by CliffStamp View Post
and that again is just a silly thing to do in a RPG, it isn't like it is difficult/challenging.
I think I found out your problem: Angband is not RPG, don't play it like that. Angband is roguelike quake. Killing monsters is the whole point of the game, not to level as fast as you can or get to the questor as fast as you can. Have fun fighting. Pick up the biggest baddest monster you can handle and fight it out. Getting better items is a side-effect that allows you to take even bigger monster at next fight. Or chase down that ghost that picked up something from the floor and then retreated to the wall. Killing it is its own reward, not the XP or items it had. Prime your evil grin and see the horror in your victims.

Getting win in half-million turns or even faster can be done, but that is not the goal of the game and frankly it gets boring really fast if you just optimize your play to get there as fast as you can. Goal is to have fun in between that goal and the start. Winning is actually quite boring thing to do after you have done it couple of times, but you can still have fun playing if the game offers you challenges before that.

Most fun I have had in Angband was when CrownGV was accidentally marked as LV. It is open vault which provided challenging monsters that you could not handle and fun was to lure them out of it without getting killed in the process. IMO game needs more things like that. "broken" things that are not actually broken because they make game more fun.
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