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Originally Posted by bagori nd View Post
So basically, blunt weapons get 25% sharpness, except in case where they net damage you would inflict is less than 25% of what the armor would (in which case it's raised to 25%)

Note that afaict, this makes warhammers categorically better than greataxes.
Not quite. Exceptions are where you're facing a low-armour foe, where 4(d3 + STR) is worse than 4(d4 + STR) because the armour bonus doesn't make up for the missing 4 damage sides (however, accuracy is -3 for warhammer vs -4 for axe), or you have very high STR and the higher weight of the axe makes a difference. However this does push the balance more towards warhammers; great axe could maybe do with a minor buff such as +1 accuracy (battle axes will still be better for lower strength, and score more criticals).
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