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Suggestion for [frog]composband - Animated Armor

See title.

Basically a tanky version of the death-sword. You can wield weapons/shields like a normal humanoid, but improve armor slots by absorbing them.

Possible growth pattern:
Robe 1-5 -> Soft Leather armor 6-10 -> Hard Leather armor 11-15 -> Leather Scale Mail 16-20 -> Chain Mail 21-25 -> Augmented Chain Mail 26-30 -> Partial Plate Mail 31-35 -> Full Plate Mail 36-40 -> Mithril Plate Mail 41-45 -> Adamantine Plate Mail 46-50

Want to avoid becoming a DSM, because inherent resists + absorption system would be too powerful.
Could be fun because there are more armors to absorb than weapons and it sucks having to sell so many {ego} armors as a death sword / ring.
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