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[Announce] Composband 7.1.1 release

Changes since Composband 7.1.0
  • Fixed a bug with using tilesets.
  • Fixed multiple quest bugs
  • Tweaked some egos
  • increased the AC of many (most) monsters and uniques
  • Modified many artifacts, mostly for the better
  • New algorithm for generating coin piles, more coin piles, and reduced gold for selling items. Mining treasure veins may be more worth your time than selling. The idea is that valuable but useless to the character objects can still be sold to gain a leg up in the early game, but continuing to cart loot out of the dungeon will fade into irrelevance as the game progresses. Creeping mithril and adamantite coins are now much deeper and much stronger and low level thieves drop slightly more loot.
  • Added an auto-inscribe for the rare poison immunity object flag added in early composband
  • Made silver dragons and silver draconians playable races (their breath slows enemies and they have innate free action)
  • Replaced hex high mages with a new class "hexblade" (in the hybrids category)
  • Added a new class "chaos-mage", a spellcaster with a chaos patron (magic category)
  • Chaos patrons mark III: in trying to devise patron behaviour that would be more rewarding to magic-users whilst still making use of the original zangband reward tables, a system of differing personalities for the chaos patrons has been established, explained in the in-game helpfile accessible from the character menu. Chaos worshippers should be even more fun than before, and the differences between patrons clearer. This is a big change and feedback is welcomed.
  • Many of the new room templates were overly generous with the loot inside. They are more reasonable now.
  • Fixed King Ghidora not being able to crush mere dungeon walls
  • Fixed bug with removing sense living gear
  • Fixed remaining disconnected rooms using new room templates
  • You can now see (and travel to) staircases with the [ command (prompted by frogcomposband)
  • You can see your proficiency maximums in ~ P (prompted by frogcomposband)
  • ctrl+g no longer automatically picks up whatever you're standing on, you have g for that. it will also helpfully try to ID anything that's on your autopicker list as needing to be ID'd
  • runeswords no longer gain ac penalties upon feeding
  • removed some old debugging output for duelists
  • feedback on elemental brands and slays is more terse.
  • the chance to get extra dice on weapons of sharpness now looks at the number of sides of the weapon and the number of extra dice already given rather than the raw number of dice - before, 1d12 awl pikes were automatically qualifying for their first extra die if the were among the 50% of sharpness weapons allowed to roll for extra dice. This was an unexpected side effect of allowing the ego on polearms. Among sharpness ego weapons, 4d12 awl pikes should be rarer now (from roughly 8% to roughly 0.5%), and 8d6 blades of chaos more common (from less than 0.25% to roughly 3%).

The biggest part of this release is the chaos warrior update. All of the chaos patrons need playtesting. Many will probably not be tried. One big change that hits everyone is the radically new gold distribution algorithm, and feedback would be helpful here.

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