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[Announce] Composband 7.1.2 release

New version released on github

download the source and the .exe and place the .exe in the downloaded source folder

Changes for this version:
  • give hexblades and chaos mages > 1 max blow per round
  • chaos mages gain the same bonuses as other mages for applicable spells
  • stairs now (correctly) show under the item list ] (and like objects can be travelled to with the backtick `)
  • the 'mountain' dungeon has been replaced by the glacier, with a new final guardian (who may need work) it is full of the new ice terrain features (which can be melted by fire). The white ~ to represent ice slicks is ambiguous with skeletons but no more appropriate glyphs came to mind
  • three other new uniques, one of whom uses a new monster blow effect that may in future be given to other monsters, also including an original dragon by holy_rage
  • where applicable additional device info (such as damage) is shown next to charges in the inventory and on the ground
  • hexblades are charisma based casters with no glove encumberance and are allowed slightly heavier armour. They start the game with ringmail and a longsword
  • icky cave is 10 levels deep again which should result in smaller levels for the mushroom hunt
  • various rideable 'H' monsters have had their stats adjusted to be not worse than lower-level hippogriffs in terms of speed and hitpoints. perhaps someone will tame and ride a gorgon or a manticore?
  • new quest in outpost between the level 15 sewer quest and the level 45 haunted house quest. This one is a pretty faithful adaptation from kangband (the vault and the sewers being the only remaining quests similarly congrous to the K originals)
  • dragon pact warlocks are allowed their mount into the arena

This may be the last release for a little while, I will be looking to add multiple versions of the variants to angband live, but I have thought hard enough about 7.2.0 that I am intent on getting round to it eventually.

If there are any urgent or game breaking bugs in the meantime I will if necessary fix the download.
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