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If you're going to hunt artifacts for longer, then Power Dragon Scale Mail and Necklace of the Dwarves is probably a better armor/amulet combo than Isildur/Trickery. Keep Trickery ofc for situations you need SustDex. This is certainly not a necessary switch, but it would fill your resistance holes, give higher constitution, strength and grant regeneration. You have way enough speed already, minor dex-hit (from 18/*** to 18/180) shouldn't lower your number of blows and moderate stealth bonus you don't need.

Also for inventory management, all of the four bigger spellbooks cannot be destroyed or stolen with high DEX. Only need to carry one copy of each. Even those destructible spellbooks you're carrying too many. 2-3 should be safe. Furthermore, 17 Satisfy Hunger scrolls is totally unnecessary. One is enough with SlowDigestion intrinsic (I don't remember, if paladin had a Satisfy Hunger spell, in which case you need zero scrolls). These adjustments alone should nullify encumbrance speed penalty.

Happy hunting and hope this helps.
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