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New monster encounter, what to do?

I have a pretty irresistible possibility for an encounter with beholders, and I want to know if it's suicidal to engage them.

My character is a level 31 HE mage at dungeon level 36. I detected a horde of eye monsters, with 5 beholders in the middle (and 10 gauths and other lesser eyes). I'm pretty well stocked with a teleportation staff, staff of curing, 280 HP, 218 mana, wands, Free Action, Speed +9. I have the four main resistances plus light, dark, and nexus.

I don't have pBlnd (this is blindness resistance, right?) so that could be a problem, but I can always backtrack through the now-empty corridors until I regain sight, right?

The beholders are worth 7700 xp each, which is a lot at this character level. That's mostly what freaks me out.

I'm concerned that, even with Free Action, they could paralyze me. Or one-shot me with psionic energy.

I just want to know, is this an encounter I should avoid?
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