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I did read the post you linked to before I wrote my little manifesto. I also wrote a couple pages on this very topic (differential vs ratio) a month or two ago, related to a game system I was working on. I didn't want to get too off-topic in my first post, but some items that were of interest:
  • Differential systems are good for easy math
  • Differential systems are inherently exponential
  • When you treat a differential system as linear you can get expectation-breaking results

As an illustration, I used very low and high strength characters from D&D (GURPS is even more out of whack in this case). A STR 1 character can carry 15 lbs while a STR 9 character can carry 135 - 9x as much. If they're rolling and adding their STR bonus, the stronger gets +4. A STR 20 giant can carry 300 lbs while a giant can carry 420 lbs - 1.4x as much. If they're rolling and adding their STR bonus, it's the same +4 differential.

The two things are out of whack because one is treating STR scores as linear and one, perhaps without really knowing it, is treating STR scores as exponential.
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