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People do get confused by multiple dice systems all the time, I agree. It's one of many reasons I'm sceptical when people laud the simplicity of this game - it's transparent enough that results can be calculated, but probability is not intuitive.

However, one consequence of a system such as this is that acquiring sufficiently high Evasion over their current enemies' Melee makes a player effectively invincible. Small offsets to this will not put the player back in the danger zone. Large offsets will overly punish low Evasion players. Webs and pits are actually quite well placed IMO as dangerous but survivable hazards.

Player archery is definitely harder to balance than melee, for many reasons of which this is not the least. In reality also archery could be somewhat overpowered, and as simulation you can argue that the system works quite well: a good archer will hit their target, and there is only so much that defensive skills can do to prevent it. The main line of defence is to be well protected by armour that an arrow cannot penetrate.

Reality is not linear; much of nature follows the normal distribution. This means that unfortunately, whether we are modelling this reality with a differential or a ratio system, linear modifiers don't really work very well. The ratio system needs nearly exponential inputs to be able to model skill - Kasparov's chess skill has to be many orders of magnitude larger than a rank novice - so a linear modifier which describes Kasparov getting slightly better against his peers turns a contest between novices massively lop-sided. The differential system's flaws with linear modifiers are similarly obvious. When the behaviour being modelled is non-linear, linear bonuses deform the simulation. However human beings like the security of seeing "simple" numbers like +1 that plug neatly into an easy calculation even if that calculation just happens to output non-linear behaviour.
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