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Ok I see. Since PWMAngband didn't port the Necromancer changes about lighting (the class already existed and I felt that the change didn't fit the original class), I don't have the part about PF_UNLIGHT.

What was confusing is that torch + los are mapped to the same tile, so when you use "view_yellow_light" you have yellow + white tiles in ASCII but the same tile with tileset.

What I will do locally:
- change squares that have negative light to LIGHTING_DARK
- change mappings in graf-xxx.prf so torch is mapped to LIGHTING_TORCH (tile 1), los is mapped to LIGHTING_LOS (tile 2) and lit is mapped to LIGHTING_LIT (tile 3); dark will also be mapped to tile 3 (I don't think we need a tile 4 for this)
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