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The first time I won Ironman I started with the following in 3.4.1:

I'm rolling up an H/T Warrior again, since it's my favorite combo. This time I've added 4 points to CON, 8 points to DEX and 8 points to STR. Disconnected stairs and start with no useful gear.

There are 8 potions of speed in the black market. I could buy one or two. If two, I'll have 165 gold left over for ?phase etc. I think I should only buy one or none.

I kill a singing-happy drunk who drops me 24 gold pieces and I buy:

a shield [5, +1] for 36gp
Gauntlets [3, +0] for 6gp
Potion of Speed for 225gp
1 ration of food for 3gp
17 scrolls of Phase door
2 potions of cure light wounds

To see how it went click:

You might also want to consider going with 6 points to CON and 6 points to DEX.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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