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Originally Posted by Sphara View Post
I donīt think warrior is the easiest at all. It certainly is the easiest to get through the early game, though. Most of my ironman wins are done with randarts and item knowledge on (this does not have that much of an effect, it mostly only protects you not quaffing Intellect and Contemplation). Randarts though, make things easier. Randarts can be generated as extremely overpowered and on very shallow level. In my one recent local randart ironman game, I found arti-boots that had Movement Speed +3. I did quit that thing. It just felt, dumb.

Just like Grotug had done in his example there, warrior wants to start with boatloads of Phase Door scrolls. You may not use them much within the first 20-30 levels but not being able to recall, those become more and more valuable. Also, you need quite a few of them in the final fight.
I've had characters nerfed because a stat-swap potion hit dex or str and lost them the ability to wield a weapon or just a blow/turn.
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