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Making devices useful

There was talk in the susceptibilty thread about devices and how useless they are, and how O made them usable. IIRC pretty much every attack is weaker except devices and the rods of Glaurung's blood etc. are also nice. Furthermore there were artifact devices which were pretty awesome. I found Ilkorin once, not that I was smart enough to use it, but FA dumps mention the awesomeness of The staff of Winds and such. Monsters also have less HP, although only devices actually benefit from it, because of weak archery, O combat, spells in O. So the question is, what to do with devices. Currently they are detection for characters without the spell(detect treasure comes to mind). Even something as simple as Rod of Magic Mapping is enough. AFAIK Rod of Magic Mapping is from O. One question for all of you: How do variants deal with this apart from O-derived ones? Please leave your comments and ideas here.
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