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Resistances: additive vs boolean

I've been thinking about resistances and I'm not sure which of two options is better: the classic Angband system, where you either have/don't have a resistance (complicated slightly with temp resistances and immunities and vulnerabilities), or the approach used by OAngband/EyAngband/FAAngband and most (all?) Diablo-ish games: each resistance on your equipment adds to the net total resistance. That doesn't have to be a percentile figure, e.g. in Torchlight resistance is a straight damage reduction. It's not a completely black-and-white situation, as there are sometimes resistance caps which render any additional resistance pointless- similar to already having a resistance in Angband's true/false system.

I think I prefer Vanilla Angband's system, because the boolean nature of it makes having a resistance vs. having a "hole" a stark difference that clarifies the consequences of equipment decisions. On the other hand, the granularity that's usually present in the additive system means more possible variety. I'm interested to hear all your opinions on it, even though we're probably slightly biased towards Angband's way of doing it
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