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Ring of Accuracy (+3), D:21, Jwl
Ring of Accuracy (+4), D:31, Jwl
Ring of Evasion (+3), D:21, Jwl
Ring of Evasion (+4), D:31, Jwl

If you're doing hardcore smithing, +4 to a combat stat is often better than whatever artifact you could put in that slot (esp. since ring artifacts can't get combat bonuses)

Amulet of Grace <+1>, D:15, Jwl, 2gra
Crown of Grace <+1>, D:12, Jwl, 1gra
Gloves of the Forge <+3>, D:18, ArmEnc, 300xp
Cloak of the Diva [+1] (+1 grace and song), D:20, ArmAtf, 100xp, 1gra

Some higher-end smithing gear that was missing.

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