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A suggestion appears out of nowhere!

My Dwarf Paladin was just eyeing up a copy of Ethereal Openings in the Black Market, but I haven't got enough gold to buy it. Then I thought, "It would be cool if I could put it on layaway!"

Which led me to think about how that might work in the game. Set a minimum percentage of the price for a down payment. You make the down payment and that item remains in the shop; however, you have a limited number of turns to come back and make another payment. If you don't get back in time, or if you don't have enough gold when you get back, the item vanishes from the shop.

You could even add interest by having the price rise a little more each time you return to make a payment. You could theoretically make the down payment a really minimal amount via game preferences, but the more times you come back to make a small payment, the more the final price of the item rises, so you have to use good judgment to avoid wasting money on things you have no reasonable chance of being able to find enough treasure in time to pay off.

Just a random thought. I have no idea whether anybody else would find this even remotely amusing, but I figured it couldn't hurt to throw it out there.
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