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I need to be better about responding faster...

Originally Posted by DrWho42 View Post
this is a great AAR. looking forward to further adventures!
Yeah, I should probably have put this in AAR, huh? (Mods, feel free to move!)

Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Indeed. That is a hell of an AAR. But... you might take a look at the class.txt file to see books and spells.
Since the new update has so much new content (new classes, new enemies, and new reworks to current classes/enemies), I decided to go it "unspoiled", or as unspoiled as I can be (which has lead to some very early "oh, monster memory would have been nice there" deaths).

Originally Posted by Huqhox View Post
The buffing of the greater dragons and wyrms makes them very tricky adversaries at all times - and that's definitely a good thing
I am extremely glad these guys got a boost. Dragons often weren't super threatening (and honestly they should be!) when they were encountered in previous versions... besides for maybe an early ancient green or a mage vs AMHD. This dragon duo put more fear into my heart than pretty much any other dragon prior to them!

Originally Posted by Diego Gonzalez View Post
If a Great Wyrm of Thunder breathes to a clvl 29 character at dlvl 34, the game should crash immediately, for dramatic effect...

Great story!
Agreed... being that spectacularly dead should come with a spectacular result to cement just how far away from "alive" your character is. :P
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