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Originally Posted by Mondkalb View Post
Yeah, but it is all messed up in Angband, because there are critters from the early time out of the Silmarillion as well as from the third age out of TLotR.
Since Morgoth is in play, Sauron could still have the one ring just as well. Even with Bulroarer and Smeagol roaming around.
If Morgoth is still around, then the rings of power shouldn't exist yet. The most powerful artifacts in the setting ought to be the Silmarils, and thus the Nauglamir (aka " Dwarves). But the necklace is actually fairly weak as things stand.

V has always been a giant grab-bag of everything Tolkien and large chunks of D&D, with no particular effort to make thematic sense. I don't think it's plausible to fix that without making it an entirely different game. Which has in fact been done; it's called Sil.
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