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Cool [Android] New Variants on my phone? why not... can I save Middle Earth without the latest angband variant on my Android Phone?

...I really don't know... I just tried to build the application with few others inside: was just a "blind shot" but...

...Hey, WOW... it works

Is That All?

...of course not...

I'm not a developer so I don't host google play, github or similar repository...

...and I'm posting here just because I feel this is, actually, the best place to share it and its patched source code ready to build:

Further development ongoin? me? who knows...

  • developer,
  • variants developer,
  • this forum,
  • everybody else involved.

What's working?
  • trying to kill Morgoth...

What's not working?
  • some utf-8 accented chars...

  • I built The app with "debug" option, so it's signed with the Google Test Key from AOSP (previous one should be uninstalled first...);
  • I actually didn't create new code for the app or the variants;
  • I simply patched the variants init_path routines to match SD-Card save folder;
  • ...and bunch of code, occasionally on compiler errors...
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