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I don't think you can play Poscheng or its ilk on Android (answering this question is not helped by "android" being a playable race). Since I only play roguelikes and since I haven't had my PC for three months, I am rather confident of this.

And no, it absolutely does not work on Angband Live.

The Android port of NetHack is playable on a touchscreen.

The Sil port has an unfortunate habit of not saving your game, either when you close it, or manually save it, but *telling* you that it's gone ahead and saved your game, which IMO makes it unplayable.

Using MagicDosBox, you can get DOS versions of ADOM or Zangband or what have you running (reasonably well) without much trouble, but you'll still want a Bluetooth keyboard.

As far as native mobile "apps", it appears to be a desolate wasteland: games that have contempt for their players, written for players who have contempt for games.

Good luck to you.
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