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Necromancer late game

Really struggling around DL 75 and on.

With no real damage spells it's getting pretty hard against uniques, especially undead summoners.

The final spell book seems more or less useless but i'm wondering if i'm missing something?

Vampire strike is good for many earlier uniques but obviously useless against undead. Equally disenchant, though useful doesn't deal enough damage. Unleash Chaos seems to cause as many problems as it fixes and anihilation doesn't, am I now basically a warrior?

I can live with that.

On another note, the light/dark thing is really hard with Randarts. The lack of situational knowledge (even with ESP) is hard yards. Trying to manage where one is standing is just a bit painful.

I'm for a harder game and enjoyed with HT Warrior...excellent game.

But at CL50 with a gnome Necromancer and decent resists and speed...i'm struggling a bit.

All hints happily accepted. I've won with Mages before (and Priests which are easy) but this is...a bit of a slog now.
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