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Got the hang of it a bit more now.
Annihilation and Unleash Chaos are good against uniques if I can disenchant them and stop them summoning.
It takes a while and a lot of recharging Mana via resting (running away a bit) but it works. I could use power sacrifice i suppose and the vampire some nearby monsters but i don't tend to as it seems overly complex.

Only Morgy to we shall see how that works out.

I like the Necromancer. I would say that the play style is pleasingly different from other spell casters and the options wider.

On the negatives, i don't think spell book e is very useful at all. I haven't used it once IIRC.

The light thing...i can't imagine playing in the dark. Simply because there seems to be a lot of very dangerous creatures (storm of unmagic) that one cannot detect via telepathy and one could be caught out easily i think.

In any a character class the implementation is generally pleasing. I would like a randart addition such as "unlight" in the light sources but there are so many light emitters that it might not be any use.

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