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Thoughts after winning.

Class works well in many ways;

Vampire and Draining options interesting and differentiate the class.

Attack spell range good, perhaps apart from the late early game when there seems to be a "hole" in which nether bolt is too weak and the others too expensive.

Defense spells non-existent and so be it, I think the drains and vampires make up for that.

Utility spells; the mapping a moving options are interesting. Having the mid point between teleport and phase door made it quite useful but also gave drawbacks, and i think that's just fine. The mapping spell in late game is excellent.

Spell book e and some suggestions...

I didn't use it. In fact i left it behind in the late game. I do think some people might use Power Sacrifice so i'd leave it in.

What i might suggest is some kind of summoning...after all, Necromancer? Something tactically useful but not straying into the "pets" realm. I can see space filling, non-mobile, skeletons being good in early game. They could attack on the players side but not move. In later game move up to zombies or similar. The space filling aspect would be useful if they didn't block player LOS or targeting...This might be open to abuse so i wouldn't want it to develop into a very powerful "you surround Morgoth with a sea of Elder Vampires" kind of thing. A weak bunch of skeletons though...i can see that.

Control spell...tried it once for novelty. I think leave it in though as others might use it.

Another option might be something like "sense the dead" as a low level spell that not only detects undead but also gives a time limited ESP analogue for undead so one can track them and even "See" through their eyes.

Another potential might be "raise dead" where one might turn an Elder Vampire rather rudely into a Rogue

Anyway....Enjoyed it so certainly not complaining. A lot of hard work went into this and I say a wholehearted thank you.
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