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If you read the download page of Sangband (, you'll note that "[The SDL port] also mostly works on Mac OS X, but some users report much better success than others. It shows the world in ASCII, extended fonts, or various kinds of graphics (your choice), plus offers sound, music, and multiple customizeable windows."

Further, if you read the text of /docs/compile.txt, you'll find the below text. I hope that helps you! You'll need to download some SDL libraries, as well.



(Fill in blank here.)

OS X is basically OpenBSD, so the section "Graphical UNIX or UNIX-like
system + GCC + SDL" above applies to at least some setups (including Xcode if I
hear correctly).

Graphical UNIX or UNIX-like system + GCC + SDL

- You need a graphical system with X11 and SDL, capable of showing at least
640x480 in 256 colors. SDL runs best on a relatively modern machine (600 MHz or

Important files:
/src/main-sdl.c; /src/Makefile.sdl

Installation and setup instructions:
- Read "/src/Makefile.sdl".

Instructions (AFTER you install and set up libraries):
- Run "make -fMakefile.sdl install" in the src directory.

- To compile on OpenBSD, use "gmake" instead of make.
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