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Originally Posted by SaThaRiel View Post
No, i dont think that it worked. Im not sure, but i think i tried it but had to drop it because of lack of time.

Sadly this doesn't solve the problem. But if it runs on other platforms it has to be such a "simple" problem Sadly im no programmer.
Hi, SaThaRiel
I had your same problem, and I solved in a couple of steps, based on previous suggestions:

1) edit Makefile.src
line 12: add z-queue.h at the end of the line
line 16: add z-queue.o at the end of the line
this way, you are uppdating the definitions of INCS and ZFILES

2) edit (probably unnecessary, but just to stay on the safe side...)
add, just after line 22:
z-queue.o: z-queue.h

that worked for me
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