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Originally Posted by will_asher View Post
oops I did it again
Turns out I deleted an object in 1.3.2 without making the nesesary code tweaks which created a bug which makes the game not start unless you are loading an already-started saved game. This update fixes that bug.

download link updated in original post in this thread.
Hi, I'd like to submit a little nuisance with the last release (1.3.2c).
After a little struggle with Makefile.(std/inc) to include z-queue.o, I succesfully compiled the curses version on Macosx lion.
on the first launch, however, the angband executable show a messagge about a bad record in monster.txt.

the fix is extremely simple, just edit line 9052 of
in order to eliminate the comment and the pipe sign just before it

hope this can help future adventurers
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