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Originally Posted by Fendell Orcbane View Post
I won't post a character unless they make it past 600' or so.
In truth, looking at the present ladder and given that I already have some winners, I have decided that I'm not even going to bother posting anything to the ladder unless I make it to the Throne Room. With the present ladder pushing 350, why bother? Why fill the ladder with "Guess what, guys, I died again" posts (BTW, I die a lot)? Hence the reason I posted my dumps here but not on the ladder itself. If I make it to the Throne Room, that's my personal minimum for the actual ladder at the moment. Unless, I guess, something particularly interesting or noteworthy happens. So yeah, I think there is substantial sampling bias in the ladder.

Originally Posted by Derakon
The early game will eventually become low on challenge (due to practice); the late game inherently has strong novelty (because the player sees it less often).
I really appreciate the depth of your post and I think it contains a lot of interesting material, much of which I tend to agree with. I think, though, that there are simply so many workable permutations in Sil that it would take a long, long time to exhaust the novelty aspect. Even with a particular starting setup, each game can be vastly different. A difference of a point here or a point there in stats can have MAJOR unanticipated effects.

My own experience is a perfect case in point here: I am happy to have three characters in the green at the moment, and one nearly there dead by my own stupidity. Ostensibly, all of them except my first ever are nearly the same build (pure stealth/song explorer build), and they represent three of the four available races.

I will be the first to admit that despite the similarities, each of them played vastly differently because of different stats, skills, starting abilities, etc. The general idea was the same, but the specifics were totally different.

None of them were combat builds, and only two of them (one of them the dead one) engaged in anything resembling combat. Now, with this character, I am going with a pure combat/smithing build which nonetheless plays completely differently from a Noldor character of ostensibly similar design. With my latest iteration I realized that it's like playing a totally different game.

Given all of the different possible permutations (most of which I have yet to discover), I find it hard to believe that the novelty in Sil will be exhausted by most players any time soon. A single lucky find at the initial levels can completely alter the course of a game.
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