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true, i made an extreme example. but still, especially (maybe only) in the case of vaults, i find myself often having to make tactical decisions (to, etc) in order to have that extra turn to grab that un-ID'd piece of equipment that by item placement (according to vault spoilers) i know to be really good, and then teleport away before a dangerous enemy comes into los. I agree, this doesn't happen often, but having immediate pseudo without even picking up an item seems way too cheesy to me .


Originally Posted by PowerDiver View Post
If you read the descriptions, Vilya for example is "The Ring of Sapphire, with clear blue gems that shine like stars", they should be obvious on walkover.
I had absolutely no idea this was the case. so just by looking at any un-identified unique ring you already know which one it is? this hardly seems right/consistent to me.
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