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First off, sorry for the negativity in my previous post.

As for the randart distribution: initially I thought of a way to do exactly what I proposed: compare the mods to existing ego mods in the same slot at creation and act on that - but that misses the point in the same way your proposal does.

I have said this before, but I see the problem simply in the proximity of standart and ego power. An @ with dwarven pdsm, a MoD +2 attacks, Caestus of power etc. is virtually indistinguishable from an @ with top end standarts. One reason for this to have come to pass the recent scraping off from artifact values, like Sting or Theoden - in an attempt to lower @ overall power by changes to artifacts exclusively instead of distributing changes over both item types.

I would agree that ego items shouldnt become obsolete in the endgame kit, but I would like to see them more inferior to artifacts. You said yourself that ego items have remained stable for a long time - and this is imo the root cause for all the trouble. When balancing is done, everyone looks at the easy way out and changes the artifacts yet again. And thats why my initial reply to your proposal was grumbly.

So instead of some weird randart distribution, find ways to scrape off of ego item power. Then the overall value of randarts can be lowered without ending up with mostly junk, and the outliers become less extrem.

There is the matter of "harder game". To adress that, I really would like to (have Nick ) look into buffing monsters in more or less global ways. When zephyr hounds got cut to size, I rejoiced, but they had been the cheap way to make the dungeon dangerous. It could use being more dangerous.
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