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Originally Posted by droof View Post
For 4GAI, I found NPP 0.5 on github. Looks like NPP's melee2.c is roughly Sang's monmove.c. I'll have fun with them. Is there some kind of manual that explains 4GAI and how it hooks into Angband?
There has been quite a lot of chat on this forum about how having super-smart monsters a la 4GAI is maybe not actually the best thing for gameplay. If you search for AI related threads I'm sure it'll come up. Monster mana also seems like a bit of a dead end to me. As Nick put it recently, you just end up killing the monster twice: first you drain its mana and then you drain its HP.

The original 'manual' for the 4GAI code is avaiable here:

Andrew Doull wrote a four-part series about the 4GAI that I seem to remember was worth reading too: http://roguelikedeveloper.blogspot.c...e-history.html
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