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What if someone had the map upside down? - aka blows again

I used to hike with a guy who you'd never trust to navigate. I'm not sure he ever had the map upside down, that's actually pretty easy with a topographic map. I did see him try and use a compass on a car bonnet & he could point the wrong way north with a clear sky at noon.

"light weapons increase quicker with dex, heavy weapons with str..."
What if someone had the map upside down? After all the reverse is true.

I don't particularly think that's what happened but it occurs to me the progression is upside down. The top row (heavy weapons) goes from 1-4 blows as dex increases. The bottom row (light weapons) from 3-6. 4x with dex for heavy weapons. 2x with dex for light weapons. Eventually light weapons fall of the bottom if you are a warrior but that's besides the pt.
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