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Originally Posted by Gauss View Post
I need to carry curing rods due to not having confusion immunity. That makes fights against Radagast and other uniques a nightmare.
Potions of Cure Serious/Critical Wounds will also cure confusion and blindness, and are 100% reliable, unlike the rods.

Don't fight uniques that are hard to kill. That's what Teleport Other is for. More generally, if you're finding out the hard way that an enemy has really unpleasant melee abilities, get out of melee range! That's what Phase Door is for. It's 100% protection against melee attacks that drain stats, drain experience, drain charges, cause confusion, cause blindness, stun, burn, freeze, etc. etc. etc.

If you aren't familiar with the monster list, it's a good idea to carry a Rod of Probing to use on unfamiliar monsters.
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