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Q: randarts and torches

In the V standart set, the magical lights are the Phial, the star of elendil and the arkenstone. All these have their own, unique icon.

In the randart sets, although these are available (though i must admit i've never seen a single star in ANY game, not even in the spoilers) most of the randart lights will be torches or lanterns, with phials coming in third and arkenstones a distant fourth.

Now, my question:

"if i find a NORMAL lantern earlier on, and i set the game to squelch torches .."

which is pretty standard behaviour, however, i've realized that i would now not see (although they are still generated) any Torch artifact, unless (i assume) i walk on it while it is squelched. Or possible *even* when i walk on it if squelched.

In short, the squelch is ... squelching artifacts?
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