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Level gen questions(chunks & gens)?

So I've started playing around in level generation again & I have a series of questions. I'd like to be able to take gens from pre-refractor variants into a V-like & currenty am getting nowhere fast. I have lots of questions but for now I want the most basic rundown. Anyway some questions.
  • Most gens are split between chunk & gen. What goes in _chunk, what goes in _gen?
  • How do I convert levels from before _chunk, _gen?
  • Classic, has just _gen & I've followed that format for my small classic (OWD) in recent coffeeband versions, why is that the case and have I done anything wrong?
  • I'm interested in grabbing the old FA wilderness levels & the Sil levels for coffeeband theme levels. Any help on how to go about this is appreciated.
  • A bunch of other stuff I've missed because I don't know what I'm doing.
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