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crash in 4.1.3 nightly

I'm moving the discussion of this bug to here so I don't bore the people on the Vanilla thread. See: for the original post.

So I looked at this a tiny bit. It's dying in obj-util.c in routine "distribute_charges" at line 802, because it's dividing by zero, i.e. source->number is zero. I don't offhand see how that's possible, particularly since the "Inventory" screen shows the correct number of wands. I note that if I pick up the (recharged) wand off the ground, I can then drop one wand, but even then if I try to drop a second wand, I still get the bug. I note however, that the process of dropping the second wand, hitting the bug, and restarting, causes one of the *charges* from the stack in my inventory to disappear (the number of actual *wands* remains correct).
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