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Originally Posted by TJS View Post
Also if you have discovered resist fire/acid/lightning/cold on a piece of armour can it automatically id next time? I found three armours of resist fire one after another and it is annoying to have to go through the id process for each one. Actually I'd go as far to say that once you've discovered an ability it should id on any type of item.
This is known as a "rune-based" approach, i.e. once you know the "rune" for resist fire, you spot it on any subsequent item. Makes sense to me.
It is hard for kobolds to identify !poison and !curePoison unsurprisingly.
This should be easy to fix, if there is consensus that resistant races should recognise the effects to which they are resistant (same for dwarves and !blind).
4) There are a few useless items still. I'd get rid of !boldness. Make _starlight, _light, ?light do loads of damage to light sensitive monsters (more than rods/wands of light).
IMO starlight should be changed to a totally unresistable element or removed altogether. _light and ?light have more practical uses so their damage is irrelevant. !boldness should give TMD_BOLD, i.e. temporary resistance to fear, rather than just curing fear. (What, it does already?)
Wands of confuse/sleep/scare/slow are pretty useless after the first 20 levels. I'd like to see their life extended somehow.
There's a long thread on this somewhere, and an open ticket on the tracker. Monster saves against these effects need completely reworking so that they're useful for longer.

I agree with most of your other points (magic weapons, stronger wands, etc.)

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