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Originally Posted by fph View Post
This seems related to an old idea I had.
Given all the data about the equipment in your house, and a "rating" of importance of all resistances and flag, finding "the best kit to wear" is just a mathematical problem (integer programming), for which specific tools exist (glpk, for example, for a free/libre solver library).
This means that you could hack together an utility that munges your character dump (or your savefile), looks into your house(s), and tells you which is the best equipment to wear.
I once wrote such an utility for Zangband; it worked, and it regularly found a better kit than the one I was wearing (more resistances/flags/AC/bonuses, maybe put together in unexpected ways -- e.g. all the base resists covered from different artifacts like a jigsaw puzzle).
The impact could be limited on Vanilla (where you have a single house, and thus a limited number of stashed items, and fixed artifacts), but definitely more interesting for variants with randarts and multiple houses -- I used to play Z, I don't know about the more "modern" variants.

Would anyone be interested if I rewrote and published such a tool? Or do you think 'it only takes away the fun from the player', since Angband is (also) an inventory-management game?
Please. I think it would be a big help specially for people new to the game and for those times when its three in the morning and you cant decide whether to wear a leather armor or dragon scale mail
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