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Lightbulb TomeNET difficulty levels

Since I recently started playing TomeNET, a few even newer players have complained about the game being too hard. Since TomeNET already supports many difficulty levels -- normal, no ghost, hard, hellish, everlasting -- why not add an even easier difficulty level for new players to try, so they don't become discouraged before putting in enough time to improve their gaming technique? As with all the existing difficulty levels, nothing would force anyone to choose the easy level, it would just be there for those who want to try it.

"Easy" mode should reduce the likelihood of dying or reduce the penalties for dying. I favor the latter, so that users learn the real difficulty of monsters in preparation for playing in more difficult modes. In other words, don't reduce the appearance of out-of-depth monsters or potential instakill situations.

What I suggest is that Easy mode be the same as Everlasting, with the following modifications regarding death:

1) For levels 1-9, death simply causes you to be teleported back to Bree with 1 hp. No XP penalties, no loss of eq or money, just tele from the dungeon (or wherever you died) with all your eq still worn or in inventory.

2) For levels 10-19, death causes you to be teleported back to Bree with 1 hp, 25% XP loss, no loss of eq.

3) For levels 20-29, death causes you to be teleported back to Bree with 1 hp, 40% XP loss, no loss of eq.

4) For levels 30+, death has the same effects as for Everlasting players.

Easy mode players would be allowed to give equipment only to other Easy mode players (not to Everlasting players), but, when level 1-29, be allowed to receive equipment from any players (Easy, Everlasting, No Ghost, etc.), and, when level 30+, be allowed to receive equipment from any Easy or Everlasting players.

So, Easy mode is essentially a gentle introduction to the game below level 30, aimed at helping new players experience more of the game before they bail out of frustration.

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