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@Pete - thanks for the offer help me get up to speed on the Angband code. I am going to need it. I am going to try to work things one file at a time....starting with store.c (but now I have to figure out how the menu code works, because I have to change the Angband store.c code so it handles NPPAngband's store services and the adventurer's guild quests. Next will come birth.c, which should be easier.

After that, I want to get the new main-win.c to work with NPP. I don't know what to do about the other operating systems (MAC and Linux). I can look at the new main*.c files and change things I know need to be changed for NPP, but I can't compile or test it. The new makefiles make absolutely no sense to me (they don't list the individual files, so I can't tell if I have to modify them to add the files unique to NPP such as effects.c, quest.c, and terrain.c). Then after all that I will take on updating cmd4.c.

It looks like Angband has made alot of good changes, and dropped support for alot of the older operating systems. IMHO that was a good thing, since it allowed Angband to move to a modern open source license. My first goal is to get NPP there too.

I seriously debated which would be the bigger project, adding all the new Angband code to NPP, or putting all the NPP changes into the current Angband code. But the changes necessary to add 4gai and UnAngband terrain features are so extensive those two features alone would have made it a bigger task.
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