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Thanks for the info on David Gervais' tileset. I really haven't looked at any updates since some time in 2003 ...

Originally Posted by thapper View Post
For me this makes a lot more sense than keeping the strict symbol+colour relationship that is inherited from ascii. I like the fact that mages look more like mages (with some silly colour effect around their hands) and rangers look more like rangers instead of them sharing the same shape just because they are share the same letter in ascii.
A few groups I have split up already. Persons have now quite many pictures, maybe too many. The dungeon inhabitants are roughly grouped into warriors, mages and priests. Townspeople are manifold ...

It is sometimes difficult to draw the line, what to group and what to split. If there is sufficient distinction I lean towards splitting. They way it is done, the code supports 1024 symbols now, instead of the 96 ASCII symbols, so there is some room for introducing new symbols.

Originally Posted by thapper View Post
If you then choose to have the same shape for a novice ranger and a ranger chieftain (and just change their colour) or if you decide to give them different shapes but clear attributes that define them as "rangers" (and therefore dangerous with ranged attacks) is not important.
Rangers share their image with archers (the bow seemed to be the defining characteristic), but are distinct from other people. People in general need more sorting though, I think, particularly the unique persons which are mostly just "p" still.

For the orcs I have given the captains/chieftains a different image (although I haven't tested yet if this works well). Orcs have been a fairly big group already.

Originally Posted by thapper View Post
Keep on going with what you think is the best approach, I look forward to more updates with more tiles!
Thanks for the encouragement Feedback is good though, particularly if it helps to improve the "readability" of the display, also the ease of learning the shapes. And last but not least, the to hear about the wishes and impressions of the players.

Originally Posted by thapper View Post
(By the way, just out of curiosity, for the potions, are you planning to have the small tile picture that you had (at least a week or so ago) and just change its colour? It'll be quite difficult to keep apart all the 50 odd different ones... Even with allowing some different shapes it's a mess trying to remember which potions are good and bad just from looking at them.)
At the moment the potions look all the same, just differently colored. I think this is a limitation of the Angband core though (at least of 2.9.3), which allows only 16 mappings for potions in a pref file. I think it was intentional that the player cannot tell too much about a potion from the color.

# Potions (!)
This also applies to wands, staves, and scrolls. There are mappings of 16 definitions for each which are randomly assigned in each new game. I'd suspect that this mapping restriction also applies to "real" tile sets, and they can't have more than 16 visual variations for potions either?

If I look at this I wonder a bit ... Angband had only 15 colors and black, and currently the iso view works the same, so one of these must come out as a purely black shape without any contours or details. I haven't seen that problem though in my tests. Maybe I was just lucky.

I was wondering if I could define a color range for the otherwise unused color 0 ... but that is a different discussion. People suggested to have a unique color for all unique monsters, so maybe that could be an idea. of have special treatment for multi-hued monsters.
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