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No, the (DG) tiles are not restricted to 16 potions (in Angband 3.1.2 I should add, I have not looked into older versions with tiles), so there could potentially be one tile for each description of a potion (I think some tiles are assigned to more than one type of potion still, but there are more than 16). For wands, staves etc there only exist ~8 tiles for each so they are used for more than one type each (e.g. birch staff and pine staff might look the same) but I believe this is more due to lack of tiles than any restriction on how many you can define.

Anyway, one of the main reasons for me wanting to play with tiles is the possibility to recognize everything just by looking at its tile. If I can know what something is by using the 'l'ook command, I should be able to do it by just looking at its tile. I can't do this with the ascii characters (for instance several different age groups of dragons share the lower case 'd' etc).
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