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Originally Posted by Tiburon Silverflame View Post
I'd also adjust the equipment set, so you use more of what you can do, not what your equipment does. The major things I see to consider removing: the scrolls of identify, as fizzix noted, the rods of light and fire bolts (check the damage you do with the spell, compared to what they do...and check against your *bow* damage. You should have 2 shots, so I'd be trying to gather up more magical ammo to use...but with that nice bow, even the non-magical arrows should be doing more damage),
Sorry, Rods of Light are the Poor Man's Clairvoyance. A stack of Rods of Light means you can routinely illuminate corridors and thus avoid all sorts of Instant Death.

Rods of Fire vs. Death Bow -- well, that just means you use the Rods of Fire against chaff and the Death Bow against anything the Rod of Fire won't snuff on first hit.
Originally Posted by Tiburon Silverflame View Post
Also, don't be hoarding those enchant weapon to damage scrolls...use them. Break up your non-magical arrows into chunks of about 30, then enchant them up to +5 or so. Do the same with another group of 30, then combine so you've got 60 arrows (0,+5).
To minimize fail rate, stick with chunks of 20.

Also, why stop at 60 if you have the STR? I'm uncomfortable with anything less than 2 stacks of 80+ enchanted arrows.
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