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Detection range was originally one screen of old unix
computers of moria era. This means, an area of around 42x32
or so. So yes, detection as is today is much more powerful
and abusable in the default configuration in most machines.
If you play a little bit of UMoria and then after, a little bit of
Hengband or FaAngband youll notice that the retangular area
originally meant to be in Moria can easily fit inside the
circular area of H/FA.
It wouldn´t be bad if energy to move diagonally costs 140 or 150
for the sake of consistency, but retangular detection range is
something so abstracted and full of munchknism as it is now
that it gives me the creeps just to think about playing Vanilla.
Dammit, the thought of having retangular detection
just to make a pattern of X (number of detections) to perfectly
map the level is a joke right?
Maybe if circ detection is implemented, purists can imagine retangles using four tangents of the circles
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