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[V3.2.0] First Win!!

My very first win!!! With a randart High-Elf Warrior.

This game was extra challenging because I had real trouble finding a useful weapon. By the time I get a warrior to DL 80-90, I expect to be pouring out 600-700 damage per round. This guy was around ~375.

This was mainly because (when I checked the spoilers after retiring) only two items in the randart set were generated with extra blows - and neither was really worth using. There were few *really* good weapons in the set.

That said, I had a pretty easy time plugging resistance holes, ending the game with everything covered. I also had a VERY easy time with speed -- I could have had a native speed of +58 had I wanted it, and still had all important resists covered.

Sauron was a comparatively easy fight. I didn't have to heal more than once or twice, and smoked him in melee.

Morgoth, on the other hand, was a bear - taking nearly all of my consumables. Next time I think i will scum DL98-99 a little longer, for more ?Rune and !Healing. Since I didn't bring a Wand of Rock to Mud, I never had time to build a proper ASC. Fortunately, I had plenty of Rods of TO and was able to TO Morgoth, then ?Destruct. Had to do that about five times.
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