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Generally I wouldn't recommend trying to fight Morgoth in an ASC. You're far more likely to be crushed by his earthquakes if you're surrounded by walls, which can really lay the hurt on fast. My last fight with him, which was with a warrior (albeit one with a ~33% better offensive output than yours), I actually relied on a staff of Destruction. I always prefer to fight Morgoth in a destructed zone, and since I had a lower supply of scrolls of Destruction than I usually like, after using the staff, I just dropped it and moved away a bit (so Morgoth could neither drain its charges nor destroy it with an earthquake). When he summoned things I didn't want to deal with, I teleported him away, phased away, ran for the staff, and used it. I didn't expect this to last, but it ended up covering all my summon-removal requirements for the fight. Of course I had some scrolls for if things went sour.

For what it's worth, my weapon didn't have extra blows either. What it did have was 6d5 damage dice, slay evil (among several others), and a good +to-dam. That, along with some off-weapon combat bonuses, got me up around 650 damage/round if I was willing to go without poison or chaos resistance.
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